Welcome to our grand reopening!

Welcome to the relaunch of LeaBee Naturals! After just over two years with Etsy, we have officially parted ways. You're probably wondering why, and I'll tell you.

Etsy, originally a handmade only market, is now allowing lots of mass manufactured items to be sold. We're talking the low quality junk from overseas. They're also allowing companies like Doterra and Young Living to sell their products, which are obviously not handmade. Ultimately though, Etsy decided to shut down the LeaBee Naturals store with no warning because of our car diffusers. Our car diffusers, y'all. Despite the fact that every other product we offer is handmade with love and no harsh chemicals, our one product, which we carry because  our valued customers asked us to, did not "fall in line with the Etsy business model." I've tried to discuss the matter with them, but Etsy has declined to respond to my email attempts and they don't allow phone calls (probably because it's easier to be a big ol meanie over email). 

I'd be a big fat liar if I said this didn't upset me and leave a bad taste in my mouth. LeaBee Naturals brought over 35,000 visitors to Etsy's website in 2016 alone. At the risk of being a Whiny McWhinerson, I feel like shutting us down with no warning, rhyme or reason is poor customer service and total disregard for business partnerships on Etsy's part. Not to mention, 35,000 customers now have no idea what's happened to us. That's not fair to you at all. 

While it was unexpected and disappointing, we are excited for this new venture and can't wait to see what is in store for us in 2017! We have a lot of exciting new things coming down the pipe and we're working on our 2017 festival schedule so we will share those dates and events as soon as they're finalized!

Thank you all for your amazing support! Don't forget, through 2/28/17, we're celebrating our reopening with 30% off! Use coupon code GRANDREOPENING at LeaBeeNaturals.com!

And don't forget to join us on social media to keep in touch! We're on Facebook and Instagram!

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